Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ditex Products

Comfort Redefined- Soft

·         Emerald Plush Tight Top: This amazing plush mattress offers everything that you need to sleep pleasurable. Ditex created this classic tight top mattress with a plush surface design. The layers offer the right transition between materials, to maintain the right comfort and needed support.  

·         Imperial Plush:  offers great value and shares the unique benefits of exceptional comfort with exclusive component parts. Our supportive Comfort- coil system accommodates each individual’s shape better than other spring mattresses.  It provides firm support for sleepers of all sizes and shapes better than any other spring system on the market. Also, it increases firmness with its exclusive Feeling- Foam right under the surface for extra comfort.  

·         Jasmin Plush Euro Top: is a combination of comfort that transmits the luxurious feeling of a soft and wonderful fabric. Its splendid inner layer system evenly distributing the right comfort trough out the whole unit and providing the right comfort to your body. Its overall value makes this one of the best choices. 
·         Millennium Plush Tight Top: Offers exceptional foam with unique quilt layers and support, adding 1" comfort foam and upholstery layers that provide exclusive comfort reducing pressuring points and also providing natural body alignment.
  • Passion Gold Pillow Top: The Signature Plush Mattress of the Platinum Collection, of luxurious classic construction offers the maximum comfort, support, durability and edge support system. Giving you the right support and perfect comfort, relieving the pressure points and reducing tossing and turning. With a dual of comfort layers provide cushioned softness that perfectly adapts to your body for a truly customized fit, minimizes pressure points to relieve discomfort and supports your body so you can fully rest.

·         Pearl Plush Euro Top Encased: The luxurious feeling of fully foam encasement system that provides support on the entire unit and improves your sleep quality. This designs a great value and the ideal sleep system.

·         Premium 2000 Pillow Top: Maximum Comfort for optimal sleep, double sided mattress provides twice the comfort and extended durability.  This excellent unit was exclusively made for those individuals who have a back pain or trouble sleeping on a standard mattress or futon, this unit has extra layers and cushioning to increase softness and comfort. Although it has a softer feel than a regular mattress, its incomparable firm support layer can work perfect for the spine. 

Active Back Relief - Firm

·         Elegance Rest One Side: Is a conventional mattress classic style, that will provide the proper support for your back. Also available two sided.

·         Emerald Firm Euro Top: Ultimate support with comfort coil -innerspring unit, a great contrast of high density layers that ensures total stability end to end.

·         Extra Touch One Side Pillow Top: When it comes in contact to your body, it relaxes your body by giving even support to it. Extra Touch eliminates some of the aches and pains, while regular spring mattresses can’t.  With our verti-coil system, the body weight is distributed evenly, along with a heavy gauge border that makes it more resistant, durable and giving the pleasure to sleep well. 

    ·         Pearl Edition Tight Top: Firm Double Sided Mattress Set, offers the strong multi-layer construction that provides extra support by aligning the shape of the body and releasing the stress on the body. With the strong comfort- fabric the material is designed to last.
·         Royalty Rest Tight Top: Conventional innerspring construction provides an authentic back support that allows the muscles to release stress and offers a variety of surface comfort options in combination with our exclusive high -density materials.

·         Ruby Deluxe Tight Top: a mattress that offers stability by the authentic comfort- coil and its two foam layers that provides the proper support and comfort trough out the whole unit by making it more comfortable and firm for your back.

·         Ruby Firm Foam Encased: It’s Firm Construction with built in Edge Foam encasement system all around the product provides edge to edge support that makes it unique and firm.

·         Sapphire Firm Euro top: Its high profile, reinforced heavy gauge innerspring unit. Firm surface provides twice the support that makes it original from any other spring mattress.

·         Springs Night Pillow Top: provide the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night. The Springs Night Mattress's feature Luxurious inner high profile Carbonit coil innerspring eliminates motion from side by side and ensures stability for the entire sleeping surface. Superior comfort and support is provided by adding extra high quality soft foam; with up to 30% more pressure relief than other spring bedding.

·         Treasure bay pillow top: Ditex has designed all its features to enhance the quality of your sleeping experience. Be your best as Ditex Treasure Bay pillow top mattress -- every night leads to a day filled with energy and vitality.

Memory Foam

Ultra Pedic Memory Foam: Our wonderful and unique memory foam mattress made from Visco Memory Foam provides the perfect comfort balance and support so your body can fully rest every night. Ultra-Pedic memory foam mattress immediately adjusts to the shape of your body, gently supporting and comforting you all night long. You can awaken refreshed and fully rested ready for the daily routine. It also minimizes the tossing and turning, without the pain and stiffness that disrupt a good night's sleep with restored energy and motivation. The Ultra-Pedic memory foam mattress is naturally therapeutic and provides extraordinary orthopedic support. Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breath-ability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stay relaxed and pain free on a visco memory foam mattress.

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